Michele’s Style File: Waist Not

Michele’s Style File: Waist Not

Posted by Michele Deckman in Blog

So many things in theory should fit us and when they don’t, we are left scratching our heads. “Well, this is supposed to look good on curvy women,” or “I am not busty so why doesn’t this jacket look right on me?” It may be your waist…and I don’t mean the diameter, but rather, the length.

bolero1Long Waisted

If you are lucky enough to be long waisted, you have a graceful length stretching from your shoulder to waist which can actually make your waist appear smaller. Any garment with yokes, boat necklines or width on the shoulders will play this up and look fantastic. Boleros are an excellent option for you.

Short Waisted

If you lack length in your waist it is important to create the illusion of longer lines in the bodice with v necks, seams from shoulder to waist, and small not large buttons. Belts can also be tricky so keep them thin.


29 Apr 2013