Lightweight sunnies are my life!

Lightweight sunnies are my life!

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So maybe this is just me but I swear most thick framed sunglasses cause a trench the size of the Panama Canal across the bridge of my nose.  I love the look of a chunky frame, but maybe I have a nose made of silly puddy because I cannot wear anything unless they are feather weight.  Add this to the fact that big sunnies are my life and the key ingredient in my instant makeover (big shades, lipstick or gloss, fabulous jacket and large bag) and you see my dilemma.  I arrive at my destination, pull of my shades and voila…the Marianas Trench has formed on my face.  I need spackel to fill it in!  Aviators cause another issue; little digs on either side of the bridge of the nose where the little “pads” are supposed to protect but they just dig in too.  Besides, unless you are Kate Bosworth cute, aviators don’t look good on most of us.  I have found an amazing rimless lightweight pair of amber shades by Tory Burch that are perfect ~ very retro 70s and I am obsessed! However, I am still on the hunt for a lightweight, chunky frame.  For that look, I will continue to wear designer knock offs until I find a substantial looking pair that won’t drag me to the bottom of the ocean should I teeter overboard……still searching, stay tuned….


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29 Jan 2014