Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Michele Deckman in Blog

So you want to give a gift that is stylish, says a little something about them, a little something about you and doesn’t break the bank?  Don’t underestimate the power of an amazing candle.  Picking a scent for someone else can be so hard so stay away from heavy, perfume fragrances (you know the ones, they kinda smell like an old lady drowned in powder at church) and stick to clean, fresh scents that would appeal to almost anyone.  I am in love with the Pop Candle by Jonathan Adler I recently stumbled across in Georgetown, DC.  Brace yourselves…the scent is Tomato.   Sounds crazy, but the smell of fresh tomatoes on the vine immediately transported me to my Italian grandmother’s garden in summer. The sleek yet festive red jar and crisp white candle also makes an excellent addition to your holiday decor.  It’s an unexpected alternative to all the gingerbread and Frasier fur candles going around. ($38)

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14 Dec 2013