Fall 2014’s Top Trends

Fall 2014’s Top Trends

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Hello there fashionistas!  After a two month summer hiatus spent planning my fall runway show for Autism (more on that later) I am back on the blog to keep you in the know on all of the latest trends, tips and things going on in the world of style.  Its Fashion Week in New York and while I will keep you up to date on what you should care about for next spring (and will want to wear now because it is hot as blazes out!) you will need to know what you should be shopping for now and wearing as soon as the weather gods let up.  This is your Fashion Karma Runway Report and what it means to your wardrobe. Make a shopping list:




So you mean it is okay to drape myself in a huge layer of bulky fabric so long as it is tastefully styled? Done! Yes the oversized, look like you took a blankie and belted it is in and, after last winter, I know many of you will be on board with this trend.   How to wear it:  Long lanky models sauntered down the catwalk in these oversized gems with anything and everything including flowing skirts and palazzo pants.  However, on the average woman it is best to keep the style rule of balance so a slim pant, pencil skirt or fitted sheath like above will look best here.

2.     PLAID


It’s not the lumber jack button down twisted in a sexy knot with your fave boyfriend jeans, although that look is still super cute.  This year plaid was off the charts but not in the traditional low key, Tartan style.  It was all about bright colors, fuzzy textures and mostly took shape on the oversized coats mentioned above.  Designers did not stop there as plaid was used as collar trim, pants, dresses and anything else they could possibly think of.  Think less school girl and more British Invasion sophistication, minus the infamous ‘Burberry’ bland.

How to wear it:


Choose at least one coat in a a bold new color scheme and something fun like a cigarette pant or pencil skirt in the more the traditional reds and blues to keep it classic.



Again, the lanky mclankersons of high fashion kareened down the runways in long stretched out sweaters layered over long, flowy-ish, sweater pants.  You and I both know that will need some tweaking for us to pull off but every girl who tresses herself up like a doll half the time will appreciate the laid back vibe of this trend and will find our inner ‘Man Repeller’ and attempt to pull this off.

How to wear it:


I suggest the long knit sweater layered over something flowy like a long metallic or sheer-ish skirt (far right above) or a knit robe coat over a fitted sportswear pant in a soft hue (far left).  Another tip is to keep the knits on the less chunky side and the whole look will be soft not bulky.



From evening wear to dress pants to leather moto jackets, the regal hue of deep emerald ruled the runways and broke up the monatony of greys and blacks.  Reds and pinks were mixed in as well as candy colored stripes and ‘rave’ inspired prints but when it came to crowning the color of the season it was emerald all the way.

How to wear it:


Most likely this will be the color you reserve for your dressier pieces so choose a regal blouse, dress, leather piece or printed pant.  And don’t forget the accessories and mani’s!



Although it was also used in the traditional aviator style in camel and dark brown, designers sought to modernize it by using unexpected colors like navy, red and cobalt and by using the shearling trim on unexpected places.

How to wear it:


If you dare to depart the classic brown tones I suggest trying something in navy or gray or a piece with shearling trim instead of the all out crazy colors.  They look good in a show but for an investment piece you many not want to go so crazy.

6.     CAPES


The jacket has held its title for many seasons now and is being somewhat but not entirely ousted by the robe coat, long knits and now the cape is back.  Many may ask if it ever really left and it did, but now it is back.  Glad you kept yours?  It seems to be a continuation of the kimono and ‘morning coat’ style we draped ourselves in for spring/summer.  There is something gratifying about draping a cape on your shoulders and prancing around like a modern day Grace Kelly.

How to wear it:


Picture an Audrey Hepburn like black fitted number underneath and a bold (maybe plaid?) cape, big black framed sunnies and a cool hat. Voila! 7.


pale-pink-trend-2014 The fur trend didn’t leave last year entirely, but it took a little step back just to catapult itself back into prime time this fall.  There was not a runway around that didn’t cover the models in fur of all shapes, sizes and colors.

How to wear it:

fur dress modelspol

You can really wear fur any time and any way you want but if you do try a bold color, don’t go for the elmo red and be sure it is faux since, again, fur is an investment.



Menswear of a different name, this look is getting more of an urban tune up so it is not so buttoned up and preppy.  Pants are making a huge come back and what a relief for those mornings when every pair of tights you own is ripped.  How to wear it:  Mix and match sportswear pieces with more feminine or edgy styles to avoid looking like the apologetic female CEO (you know, chick in a mans world wearing a ‘suit’).  Rock a pinstriped cigarette pant and oversized blazer with a silky blouse or graphic tee, layered bling and a bright hued pump.  Boom!



Again, the pretty people were decked in dresses layered over pants and topped in coats.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I am a big proponant of layering so you can deal with climate changes i.e. blasting heaters and freezing air conditioning, but this look can be messy and hard to pull off.  If you are attempting this look may I suggest a long knit vest belted over a flowy guacho pant?  If you are long and lean I will sign off on you throwing the robe coat over top but anyone under 5’9 please….don’t.



You thought sequins were eventually going to be out?  I told so many clients….nope, not happening!  Keep those bedazzled numbers from the past few years and while you are at it, pick up a little something shiny this season because this trend is not going anywhere.  How to wear it;  Keep the sparkle top balanced with basic black skinnies or pencil skirts and if you go for the all over look of a dress, choose the colors wisely.  The deep emerald green is a tasteful choice here.



The almost crotch baring mini of a few years back is giving way to the way longer hem lines this season.  In everything from palazzo pants and tea length dresses and skirts, the refined lady like look was everywhere.  How to wear it:  Balance and proportion are key so pair the longer hemlines with fitted and tailored pieces on top or carefully navigate layering the longer coats and knits if you have the height clearance mentioned above.



Christian Loubitan Fall 2014

Christian Loubitan Fall 2014

The basic black boot will never be out – it is a style staple.  However there were so many versions of boots from futuristic takes on combat boots to victorian lace ups.  it will be all over the map here so have fun but remember, a crazy boot with a trendy outfit only looks good in a show.  How to wear it:  If you opt for out of this world boots, put them with a cool coat maybe but keep the rest of the look stream lined.

Happy Fall Shopping!!



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