Balancing Act

Balancing Act

Posted by Michele Deckman in Blog

Life is a balancing act and so it makes sense that fashion is no different. For example, did you ever see a girl sporting a long, flowing pant or skirt with a fluffy, ruffly blouse? You just want to grab her and say “enough with the fluff!”
There is a simple rule when attempting to create a sense of balance with your outfit: either the top or the bottom can be full, not both. If you have an adorable, flirty full skirt, pair it with a simple white or black tank top and you will be amazed at how much better you look than the last time you wore it with your ruffled peasant top. Mixing and matching textures and style works in fashion and can tone down or amp up your look. Dressy, silk pants look amazing with a simple, fitted cotton tee, layered necklaces and a huge cocktail ring. A drapey top should be paired with a straight leg pant to prevent you from disappearing under too much fabric.
The same is true for baring skin. I always advise my clients not to make their cleavage and their legs compete for attention. Pick one. If the hemline is short and you are showing off those toned gams, keep the neckline higher. If you opt for a plunging neckline, the hem can be above the knee but not too high. This says sophisticated sexy not trashy and trying too hard.
Play fashion police the next time you are skimming the mags for red carpet looks. See if you can spot the offenders yourself. Train your eye to look for the key elements of balance so you can remember what to wear and what not to wear!


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30 Jun 2013