A Chat with Sabrina Soto of HGTV

A Chat with Sabrina Soto of HGTV

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I am somewhat addicted to HGTV, in particular Get it Sold starring Sabrina Soto, The Property Brothers and Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis.  I was super jazzed to get an opportunity to meet Sabrina in person and listen to her tips and tricks of the trade.

Do you have a ‘go to’ off white paint color that is not beige or yellow?

SS:  Yes!  Its Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore.  In fact, all my paints are Benjamin Moore, you cannot beat the color and the quality.  Behr has a really great primer, but Benjamin Moore is my favorite hands down.  Use a semi gloss for areas with humidity and a flat if you are trying to hide imperfections.  Always use semigloss on trim and molding.

Sabrina’s suggestions for white paints: decorator’s white, china white, paper white,  white wisp, huntington white, cloud white.

Sabrina’s suggestions for neutral paints; shenandoah taupe, shaker beige, manchester tan, bennington grey, silver fox, grey husk.

Her suggestions for neutral paints by Benjamin Moore.

Her suggestions for neutral paints by Benjamin Moore.

The hot color this year for paint is grey and she loves BM’s sterling.  She says for a fun, beautiful green try spanish olive.  Another big color this year is lilac and it looks fantastic accented with metallics.  She suggests french roast for painting dark brown furniture, but only after a thorough sanding and priming.  She loves to find bargain furniture but will never get soft upholstered furnishings from the discount outlets, just the hard surfaced pieces.


I picked up this table, lamp, and sunburst mirror from a Barn Sale for next to nothing!

I picked up this table, lamp, and sunburst mirror from a Barn Sale for next to nothing!

Fun tip: Auto body shops will paint your furniture and do a fantastic job but you will definitely want to call ahead!

Do you have some rules to live by when arranging furniture?

SS:  For sure! You want to choose a focal point and arrange all the furniture to face that.   Avoid the “everything up against the wall” trap and don’t be afraid to have pieces “floating” in the space.   Rugs must always be grounded, so a good rule of thumb is to have the front two legs of the sofa and accent chairs covering the rug.  Please, no area rugs on wall to wall carpet, it’s like putting a toupee on a full head of hair!

What are your rules for choosing accessories?

SS: Nothing smaller than a grapefruit, otherwise it just looks like chotchky.  Accessories should always be grouped in odd not even numbers (a common mistake) and be sure to play with texture and scale.  Hang artwork so that the middle of the piece is between 5’4 and 5’9 from the floor.   It is my biggest pet peeve when artwork is hung too high and so many people do it!  Also allow 30″ from the top of the table to the bottom of the chandelier.  For small spaces, there is a mirror flat screen t.v. that when it is turned off it looks like a beautiful framed mirror.  It’s perfect for hanging over a fireplace in a living room that also needs to double as the family room.

A shot of a traditional dining room from her book.

A shot of a traditional dining room from her book.

Cleaning Tips & Tricks:

She prefers Bona wood cleaner for floors, not Murphy’s Oil Soap, Method Almond Oil wood cleaner for cabinets and Scrubbing Bubbles to remove fireplace soot.  Always be sure to score wallpaper before spraying the remover and it will come right off and Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers are truly magic.

Sabrina was decked in an adorable fitted blazer with striped cuffs, a white tee and skinny jeans.  She wore her hair in a side braid and accented her fabulous complexion with a deep red lip.  She was adorable, friendly and full of knowledge!  Be sure to pick up her book, Sabrina Soto Home Design on Amazon.  She will be coming out with another book , she called “a modern day Heloise” with all her tips and tricks so keep an eye out for that.

In her own apartment in New York's Upper West Side.

In her own apartment in New York’s Upper West Side.

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25 Feb 2014