April 2014

One Fine Day…of Bubbly and Croquet!

28 04

It was time for the long honored tradition of gathering on the lawn at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland for the annual Navy vs. St. Johns Croquet match.  After a harsh, cold start to the season, we eagerly sported our spring dresses, hats and…

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An Easter Affair

25 04

I love Easter!  Maybe its the promise of Spring looming on the horizon, the fresh tulip and dogwood blooms or maybe it is just the chance to cook a lazy Sunday afternoon meal with my loved ones after church.  I guess it is all of…

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Skin care product must haves!

09 04

Magazines and make up counters are full of products that make hefty claims and many of us have fallen victim to a good sales pitch or ten.  The fact is, some of these products may actually do what they claim, just not for you.  You…

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